Dr. Allam Appa Rao was, the first ever to receive a Ph. D from Andhra University in Computer engineering, then part of electrical engineering, in the year 1984. During his more than four decades of professional experience, such as Head of the University Computer Centre, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Chairman Faculty of Engineering, Principal: College of Engineering, Vice-Chancellor JNTU Kakinada and Director CRRao AIMSCS, he shared his wisdom with fellow engineers and scientists across the globe through his innumerable research papers published in international journals and international conference proceedings.
49 scholars were awarded Ph. D degrees under his guidance and another 6 are in progress .“Best Academician Award” and “Best Researcher Award” were bestowed on him by Andhra University. Andhra Pradesh Government accorded him “Best Teacher Award”. International Accreditation Council for Quality Education and Research (IACQER) bestowed on him Distinguished Fellow Award. Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) conferred him with “Srinivas Ramanujan Birth Centenary Award” Gold medal for his significant and life time contribution to the development of Science and Technology in the country specifically in the area of Computational Biology, Software Engineering and Network Security. Dr Allam is a strict disciplinarian. Government of India, NCC wing rightfully conferred on him the honorary Colonel of the regiment position on him.
Prof Allam’s research contributions in Computer engineering are vital, varied and vast. He believes that CE is the “third pillar” that supports research, along with the pillars of theory and experimentation. He firmly believes that CE is an essential component to implement and strengthen any country’s technological, economic and social goals. According to him the Information Technology (IT) is a symbiosis between CE and other disciplines and mediates new interactions among the technologies, in multiple levels and scales.
Prof Allam believes that the recent human genome breakthrough is the result from the work of multi-disciplinary teams where cooperation from computer experts was a fundamental ingredient. He stresses that the Cells and Cellular Systems require viewing them as information processing systems, as evidenced by the fundamental similarity between molecular machines of the living cell and computational automata, and by the natural fit between computer process algebras and biological signaling and between computational logical circuits and regulatory systems in the cell.
Prof Allam’s current research work is influenced by his fascination about the mysteries that remain in the catalogue of human genes. He believes that a systematic approach to the acquisition, management, and analysis of information available in human genes and their study can greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of medicines.
Dr Allam proposed new computing methods, and showed the way to better treatments of disease and better understanding of healthy life. Prof Allam has published more than 100 papers in peer reviewed international journals.
Prof Allam along with Dr U N Das holds one US Patent. US patent number: 8,153,392 Filing date: 28 Mar 2008 Issue date: 10 Apr 2012.
Prof Allam is hailed by his innumerable student friends across the globe as a man of unfathomable knowledge and by his friends as a wonderful human being.

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